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With over 30 years of business protection services, WinStar Video Security is your #1 source for video surveillance systems, access control, custom commercial sound and paging systems, Cellular amplifier/booster systems.

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About Us

WinStar – The Video Surveillance Specialists

Our team of professionals includes specialists in loss prevention, security, audio specialists, and IT professionals. This wide-ranging team allows the specialized expertise in all offered Winstar products and services. Join our growing list of satisfied customers who entrusted Winstar with their security and communications requirements. Based in the Chicago area and serving the Midwest region, let Winstar work for you.

Our Service Areas

Winstar Video Security serves all regions coast to coast, with expert installation and support including our Midwest home region – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Unparalleled Support

Why Choose WinStar Video Security?

As a client of Winstar Video Security, you receive 24/7 telephone support and onsite assistance for critical issues. With a 99.7% reliability rate, our support specialists are ready to assist you whenever you need help. Contact us today to learn about the Winstar Support Program. Winstar; where innovation meets technology.

Customer-Centric Support

We prioritize our clients by offering 24/7 telephone support and onsite assistance for critical, unexpected failures. We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the support they need, when they need it.


With a 99.7% reliability rate in our installed base, we guarantee peace of mind to our clients. You can trust in our systems and services to perform consistently and reliably.

Accessible Expertise

Our team of support specialists is always on-call, ready to assist with any support request. We provide accessible expertise to address any issues or concerns promptly and effectively.

What We Specialize In

Our Services

Winstar Video Security specializes in high-quality, cost-effective video surveillance systems for franchise or independent retailers, office environments, warehouse properties, and automotive industries across the country. Winstar Video Security is also a leader in access control, wireless wide area networks, commercial sound systems, cellular booster/amplifier systems, data cabling, and point-to-point wireless bridge installations for campus environments with multiple buildings separated by blocks or miles.

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High Definition Video Surveillance

WinStar Video Security specializes in commercial grade, high definition video surveillance systems for your business or office environment.

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Intercom & Paging

We’re committed to providing reliable paging and intercom systems, designed specifically for schools, churches and professional office environments.

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Cellular Booster

As an authorized integrator of Wilson Pro cellular boosters, we can provide you with a custom installation of the world’s most recognized cellular signal amplifiers.

Custom Solutions

Trust WinStar Video Security For Your Specialty Projects

Can’t find someone to complete your specialty project? Call us for custom installed communications, networking, surveillance, security and theft deterrent systems.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

See what WinStar Video Security clients are saying about their installed systems.

“…Any company considering WinStar Video Security has my most enthusiastic recommendation. If their company’s performance here is any indication, the potential users of their services will be pleased with the decision to employ WinStar for any of their technological needs.”

Jessica Ward, Airport Manager
Michigan City Municipal Airport, Michigan City, IN

“…Any company considering WinStar Video Security has my most enthusiastic recommendation. If their company’s performance here is any indication, the potential users of their services will be pleased with the decision to employ WinStar for any of their technological needs.”

Todd Frush, General Manager
Holiday Inn, Matteson, IL

“WinStar Video Security provides top quality and affordable video surveillance equipment and software, so easy to use and maintain. Their installation and service are excellent. They work hard to satisfy their customers’ unique security needs. The most competent and friendly staff I’ve worked with in any business, they exceeded my expectations.”

Andrew Smith, Assistant Director
Michigan City Public Library, Michigan City, IN


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about our surveillance and security solutions.

WinStar Video Security offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including video surveillance systems, access control systems, alarm monitoring, and intercom systems.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that our clients’ security systems remain fully operational and up-to-date.

Yes, we have experience integrating our solutions with existing security systems and infrastructure, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality.

Yes, we offer training sessions for clients to ensure they are fully proficient in operating and managing their security systems.

Businesses interested in partnering with WinStar Video Security can contact us directly to schedule a consultation and discuss their security needs. Our team will work closely with them to develop a customized solution that meets their requirements.

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring the safety of your business premises is non- negotiable. WinStar Video Security offers tailored security solutions designed to meet your unique needs, whether you run a small retail store, a bustling office, or a large industrial complex.

Contact WinStar Video Security for a comprehensive security assessment and discover how we can help you fortify your defenses against potential threats.